I am a sculptor and an installation artist. My choice of medium is clay, but I often work with wood, metal, wire, and found objects. I enjoy creating work that relates to how people become themselves; their personalities, traits, experiences, and personal growth.


The social cognitive theory states that evaluating behavioral change depends on factors including the environment, people and behavior. This is where my influences begin, for they evolve from the ideas of identity, personality, and behavior. I am interested in the experiences one may go through; abuse, sleep paralysis, and personality disorders to name a few; that tend to shape the individual personalities of those who withstand these tribulations, and drawing from these ideas is where the mental processing for my pieces are born.  The subject could be rising to new heights while another is sunken down to devastating depths; but the choices one makes, whether sculpting a block of clay or working to better one’s self, play a crucial role in the development of the final piece.


My personal connection to these topics stem from my own experiences in life. I have come to recognize that I am left with impressions from each place I travel to, every experience and memory captures potential influences and creates inspiration for me as the artist. I have become interested in all aspects of a person’s personality, both the hidden and the portrayed.  My current works attempt a depiction of that subject’s current state of mind in relation to the world surrounding them. The compelling theme of the human figure and mind is what I continue to pursue in my work.